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Please take care when using our Sensational Products. Surfaces may become slippery when wet. Please take great care entering and exiting the bath.


Please ensure your bath is in tip top shape regarding cleanliness. Built up soap scum may result in colour sticking to the surface of the bath. THIS IS NOT A FAULT WITH THE PRODUCT. If this happens Gumption is great at getting any colour residue off. Please also keep any fabrics away from Bath Bombs when they're dissolving in the bath.

We know our products are Sensational, Look but DON'T touch when they're dissolving as this may result in temporary skin staining.

Keep products out of your eyes, Although our products look delicious and smell delicious please DON'T eat them. They're NOT fit for human consumption and we can promise they won't taste very nice either. We promise!

All of our Sensational products are handmade and because of this slight imperfections may appear. We will never be as good as robots! There may be slight variances in batch colours, This is purely cosmetic and will not affect your Bath Bomb in anyway. These slight variances are just further proof everything is made from hand by scratch. We love these variances, it is just further proof it's all human made and no robots were involved. This makes them that little bit more special.

Please take care with any known allergies, ALL of our ingredients are listed under every individual Bath Bomb and found throughout our web page and are clearly labelled on our Bath Bombs labels. We've also put allergy alert stickers on our packaging boxes. 

If any irritation occurs please discontinue use and seek medical attention treatment/advise. 

Sensational Soakers DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY REACTIONS. Or any colour staining due to improper use. Thank You 

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