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We've whipped up beautiful soft, Light and Airy SUPER fresh batches of our Sensational Whipped Soaps. The aromas of these are scrumptious, And stay on you long after the bath or shower has finished! The best part though, is how they leave your skin. If you like soft, hydrated, naturally glowy skin *who doesn't* then our Sensational whipped soaps are for you. Do you want sprinkles or no sprinkles. We're not sure what to do.
Sprinkles may discolour and or dissolve, Over time. But they start off really pretty.. To sprinkles or not.. I'll leave the sprinkles in your court. Tell us in the notes section if you would like Sprinkles or not! Thank you! If no note is left, No sprinkles will be given. Our whipped soaps are 250ml and $14.99 more sizes will be coming, shortly.
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