Collection: Shipping & Orders & Refunds

Products will be sent out, After payment has been received. 

All shipping is through Australia Post and will be dispatched ASAP. If any delays are known we will endeavor to notify you ASAP.

Orders are final, Once they've been processed but if you contact us ASAP we may be able to help you out with what you're wanting to add or change. - NO PROMISES.

PRICING MAY CHANGE WITHOUT WARNING OR NOTICE. But we will endeavor to give plenty of notice before this happens. Shipping is mostly based off of weight and dimensions and prices may change because of this. 

Keep a look out in the post for the arrival of your beautiful Sensational Soakers package. We hope you love them as much as we love them. LET US KNOW! WE LOVE HEARING HOW MUCH YOU LOVE YOUR ITEMS. Making you happy, Makes us happy. It's the little things, Knowing our products are loved by you makes us happy. If of course you've any questions or concerns PLEASE DON'T hesitate to contact us.  


Refunds will NOT be given for any change of mind. And will only be given if proof of a faulty product or item is given. A SINKING BATH BOMB IS NOT A FAULT! A refund will NOT be given for a sinking Bath Bomb. You will still have that beautiful rich moisturising foam and still experience those Sensational aromas. 

An invoice number will be needed for any refunds. Thank You


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