Mini Bath Bombs (6 Pack)

Mini Bath Bombs (6 Pack)

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Introducing Sensational Soakers NEW MINI Bath Bombs, Packs of 6!

NOW available in NEON or PASTEL colouring & NOW available in 6 packs of 1 SELECTED FRAGRANCE & COLOURING. 😀😀 For when you find that 1 scent you just can't get enough of! 😂 


These are perfect for the little ones super quick bath times. When you just want them to get in and get out and go to bed! Haha. You know those days! Or simply you want to spoil yourself and you don't want to use a large Bath Bomb, Then these are perfect for you too!

Only $5.50 for a pack of 6!


NEW packaging  💛 Matte Black & Frosted Poaches 


All deliciously scented with different fragrances & different colours. 


Strawberry Cheesecake 

Cola Bottles

Bag Of Lollies

Cucumber & Melon

Juicy Mango 

Pineapple Papaya 


Sugar Cookie

Banana Pudding 

Hot Pink Lime 

Sugar Plum

100's & 1000's



** If any of these fragrances are unavailable, they will be swapped out for ones we've in stock. **

Packaging may change without notice